9 Indoor Plants That Fight Humidity & Oxygenate Your Home For A Perfect Climate



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9 Indoor Plants That Fight Humidity & Oxygenate Your Home For A Perfect Climate

By Pineapplesz

Malaysian weather has been unpredictable these days, don't you think so? Some days are hot and humid where lying down in your house makes you sweat buckets like you just ran a marathon. On some days, it makes you want to sing that 'rain, rain go away' song but most of the time its just hot, hot and humid.

You know what would actually help our homes climate? Indoor plants! They are beautiful decorations that would immediately spruce up our homes and provide oxygen as well as absorb humidity. 

Indoor plants are very favorable in most closed spaces. Therefore, generating an ideal microclimate for our lives. Listed below are indoor plants that would be perfect to combat humidity and oxygenate our house.

1) Bamboo (Buluh)


> Easy to maintain

> Can be in low-light conditions

> Requires little watering

> Absorbs humidity

2) Boston fern 


> Indoors and outdoors plant

> Requires little watering

> Needs a lot of light

> Feed itself

> Absorb humidity

3) Tillandsia aeranthos (Mad Pupper) 


> Absorb moisture

> Not in direct sunlight

> Spray at least 2 times a week

4) Cradle of moses (Pokok Nenas Kerang)


> Pretty plant to decorate indoor spaces

> Permanently absorb moisture

> Very easy to grow

> Add water to soil for 2 times a week

5) Pothos (Pokok Duit)


> Easy to maintain

> Adapts to any climate

> Water when the soil is well dry

> Absorbs ambient pollution

> Gives clean air and better oxygen

6) Dracaena trifasciata / Sword of Saint George (Pokok Lidah Jin)


> Perfect condition when in home

> Purify environment

> Improves air quality

> Absorb impurities

7) Spider plant 


> Grows in the dark

> Tolerate low temperature

> Filters air

> Removes toxins from environment

8) Laurel (Daun Salam)


> Grows well indoor

> Aromatizes the environment

> Absorbs impurities of environment

> Improves microclimate

9) Ivy 


> Decorative leaves

> Removes benzene, carbon monoxide in the air

> Absorbs 80% of impurities in the air

Let's embellish our spaces with these indoor plants to give us a more clean and toxin-free environment.

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