Pet Funeral Company That Was Under Fire For Introducing RM3.8K Islamic Pet Burial Apologizes After Backlash



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Pet Funeral Company That Was Under Fire For Introducing RM3.8K Islamic Pet Burial Apologizes After Backlash

By Ayunie

A local company known as Avatar Angels recently found itself under the spotlight for offering premium Islamic burial services for cats, with packages ranging from RM2,100 to a staggering RM3,800. The announcement of these exorbitant prices caused a wave of controversy, sparking heated discussions across social media platforms.  
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Avatar Angels, a small local business that primarily specialized in pet care services, had always been known for offering unique and personalized services for pet owners. The company's latest venture, providing Islamic burial services exclusively for cats, caught the attention of netizens and pet lovers alike. These packages boasted an array of offerings, from burial plots and services to elaborate funeral ceremonies, fur bottles, doa services, certificates, 3D clay models, tombstones, memorial videos, and more.

However, it was the price tags that sparked outrage among the public. Pet owners and animal lovers expressed shock and disbelief at the exorbitant fees required to bid farewell to their feline companions. The packages, which ranged from RM2,100 to RM3,800, were perceived by many as exploitative, especially considering that similar services for other pets or even humans typically cost significantly less.

As news of Avatar Angels' premium cat burial packages spread like wildfire across social media, the company faced a barrage of criticism. 

In response to the mounting public outcry, Avatar Angels released an official statement apologizing for the insensitivity of their packages and recognizing the mistake in offering such services at such high costs. The company clarified that their intention had not been to trigger any sensitivity issues or exploit grieving pet owners but to provide a unique and meaningful way for owners to say their goodbyes to their beloved cats.  

Acknowledging the seriousness of the situation, Avatar Angels pledged to learn from their mistake and improve their practices. They assured the public that they would no longer offer premium burial packages for cats or any other pets. "We truly appreciate all the feedback and details in improving the weaknesses and mistakes in promoting the product," the statement reads.  "We have immediately withdrawn the product and promotion and promptly rectify the mistake." The company emphasized its commitment to offering affordable and respectful pet care services to the local community, and they vowed to be more mindful of public sentiments in the future.

This incident sheds light on the need for businesses to be mindful of the emotions and sentiments attached to the services they provide. As for pet owners, it serves as a reminder that cherishing and honoring our furry friends' memories should not be subject to price tags, but rather to compassion, love, and respect.

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