You Are More Than Your Sun Sign | What Your Moon Sign Really Says About Your Inner Self:



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You Are More Than Your Sun Sign | What Your Moon Sign Really Says About Your Inner Self:

By Ayunie

Ever felt like you can‘t relate to your sun sign?

That‘s probably because you’re not exploring the entirety of your birth chart— you are not just your sun sign. Today, let‘s tackle the topic of moon signs and what they represent. 

Your moon sign is your very own emotional compass; it governs your intuition, inner thoughts, your emotional drive, and your impulses— in other words, it is the very soul of your emotional identity. Some people relate more to their moon sign than their sun sign and that's fairly common. 

So, what does your moon sign say about you?

1. Aries Moon

Aries moons are far from complicated, in the sense that they know exactly what they want. At their very core, individuals with Aries moon are inherently passionate, independent, and chaotically impulsive. Their childlike charm keeps them youthful at heart. Aries moons tend to be too competitive for their own good, but if they can tap into their competitive spirit in a healthy way they're practically unstoppable. 

2. Taurus Moon

Individuals with Taurus moon value their security and sense of home far too much to risk compromising it. They're the pioneer of self-care and self-indulgence thus their devotion to all things that grant them safety is like no other. Taurus moons enjoy taking time building emotional connections, although once attached they can never seem to let go even when situations turn toxic. 

3. Gemini Moon

If you were born under a Gemini moon, you can be a bit of a sapiosexual. You value, above all else; one's ability to participate in intellectual debates as well as to engage in sparkling banter. Your soul feels especially fulfilled whenever you are able to express your feelings without any restriction. However, at times you tend to struggle in identifying your emotions which leads to your unhealthy habit of beating around the bush when it comes to being completely honest about it. 

4. Cancer Moon

Cancer moons are the mother of the zodiac— the moms among your friend group. Their nurturing nature and tendency to make others feel safe in their presence are what defines Cancer moons. Be that as it may, they can easily develop a messiah complex if they're not careful. That being said, they tend to feel emotionally frustrated when they feel like they give more than they are given. 

5. Leo Moon

Leo moons always feel like they're the main character; look for the ones who are always enthusiastic in expressing their feelings, going the extra mile to animate the plots in their stories, lots of hand gestures— that's a sure-fire sign of a Leo moon in action. However, if they don't learn to ground their energy, it is easy for a Leo moon to let their egocentricity dominate their emotional identity.  

6. Virgo Moon

People with Virgo moons can't help but stress the little details, but it's only because of their thoughtful nature. Virgo moons also tend to possess natural communication skills, as they are, at their core; driven by logic, organization, and structure. They're always contributing to something— it's their preferred way to feed their soul. 

7. Libra Moon

Libra moons thrive on social connections which often becomes the center of their emotional fulfillment. As an air sign, Libra moons are able to adopt rationality when it comes to any predicament although they do have the tendency to avoid conflicts to the point of being passive-aggressive at times. 

8. Scorpio Moon

Scorpio moons are very intense; they don't consider any emotional attachment as secure unless they can feel its absolute passion. They take pride in complete indulgence of deep emotional connections transformative experiences. If a Scorpio moon is attracted to you, you don't ever need to worry about their loyalty. 

9. Sagittarius Moon

Sagittarius moons have an insatiable hunger for knowledge, adventures, and eye-opening experiences. A free spirit at heart, you detest anything that dares to hold you back. Individuals with Sagittarius are not afraid to speak their mind in a direct manner, which can easily come across as offensive. 

10. Capricorn Moon

Capricorn moon seeks emotional fulfillment through external positive achievements, like materializing their lifetime goals. They are at their best when they indulge themselves in exciting responsibilities. People with Capricorn moons do need to learn to achieve a balance between their personal and professional lives, but that doesn't mean they don't know when to have fun! No, really. They'd surprise you. 

11. Aquarius Moon

People with Aquarius moons tend to come across as stubborn and emotionally unavailable, owing to their tendency to focus too much on facts and logic as opposed to looking at things at an emotional value. Their humanitarian nature drives Aquarius moons to dwell in high-minded ideals and movements that benefit the collective.

12. Pisces Moon

Deeply spiritual, Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiacs; they can easily be engulfed in a sea of emotions and are extremely connected to their emotions. Because of this, you tend to develop a habit of romanticization and looking at life through rose-tinted glasses. They need constant self-care and healthy escapism or else they can feel emotionally drained quite easily. 

After reading all this, do you find that you relate more to your moon sign?  

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