How to Boost Your Spicy Taste Buds (The Safe Way)



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How to Boost Your Spicy Taste Buds (The Safe Way)

By DN21

Spicy meals are one of life's biggest enjoyment (as psychotic as it sounds). People who have a palate for spicy meals tend to go beyond the comprehension of those who don't- like how can one even eat sambal belacan or spicy ramen without sweating in agony? Even more so, not getting an upset stomach afterwards.  
The truth is, there are ways you can enjoy spicy meals, minus the torture. While there are plenty of tips on how to go about it, always trust your own guts and acceptance level first.  
1. One Spicy Level At A Time

It's best to start small with the lowest level of heat, so your body doesn't go into a shock. For home-cooked meals, you can slowly adjust your heat preference by adding one or two tablespoons of spicy seasonings first, before taking it up a notch.

You can even make your own chili oil with this recipe.

2. Always Have A Coolant On Standby

Most people would recommend having coconut water or dairy (chocolate or milk) on hand to wash the heat away. You can even consume yogurt or lime juice to relieve the sensation.

3. Chew Slow, Not Fast

Yes, not the other way around. If you think chewing fast will chase the sensation away, it's actually not. Instead, savor the flavor by taking in 2-3 bites at first until you've found your ideal level. Also, it's totally okay to stop entirely if you truly can't accept the heat.

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