5 Easy-To-Remember Tips When You Email In Your Resume/CV



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5 Easy-To-Remember Tips When You Email In Your Resume/CV

By ellephant

As overlooked as it is, a potential employee's first impression begins with emailing a resume over.

Based on leaving the best first impressions, here are 5 easy-to-remember tips to practice when you send in a resume/CV email. 

Check them out!

1. ALWAYS proofread

Despite only informing your interest in the company and an attached below your resume, be sure to always go through your emails time and time again. This would make sure that there are no typos left behind when you send it in. 


2. PDF not word

Attaching a PDF copy of your resume is definitely better than a raw document. It showcases effort as well as professionalism, so use it.

3. Your OWN name

You are applying for a job and giving the company reasons to take you under their wing. What better way to show up than by giving your full original name?

4. A COMPLETE email

Be sure that both the subject of the email as well as a well-composed body is present. Do not leave anything empty or hanging in the balance. This shows tact. 


5. Keep it PRECISE

You could go on for pages and be forgotten, or keep it short, sweet and make an impact. Say your piece and then leave it up to what's meant to be. 

Rather simple details, but you'd be surprised how many people mess up. The easiest tips to keep in mind when you're applying for a job!

Inspired by: Tatty Hassan

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