M’sian Child Star Left Paralysed After A Boy Who Wasn't Supposed To Be There Pulled A Prank On Her



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M’sian Child Star Left Paralysed After A Boy Who Wasn't Supposed To Be There Pulled A Prank On Her

By Ayunie

It has been 23 days since an incident at a shooting location last month that left a Malaysian young actress, Puteri Rafasya with a broken hip bone, and she still hasn't been able to recover, let alone walk on her own.

On February 22nd, a boy who wasn't supposed to be at the filming location and yanked a chair that Puteri Rafasya was about to sit on, leading to the incident.

As a result, Puteri fell and slammed her back on a tripod's metal leg, breaking her hip bone in the process.

Puteri's family recently provided an update on her condition on social media, stating that she has fractures in both her bottom and waist. Her nerve system has also ruptured, leaving her limbs numb and hindering her from walking.

She was therefore forced to wear diapers whenever she had to urinate or defecate. Later Instagram photos revealed that the young starlet had been wheelchair-bound and was unable to walk or sit normally.

According to the mother of the young actress, neither the perpetrator nor his family has not come forward to apologise or take responsibility for Puteri Rafasya's serious injuries.

Some pranks just aren't funny and boys should be raised better to behave in a respectful manner.

Puteri Rafasya prank location accident wheelchair-bound


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