World‘s 1st Eco-Friendly Cardboard Camera!



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World‘s 1st Eco-Friendly Cardboard Camera!

By m7py

Bye-bye InstaX & Dispo!

Paper Shoot, the digital LOMO camera is your next best thing!. If you vibe with aesthetic old-school gadget, this one's for you.

Source: Instagram

ICYMI, in 2013, the Taiwanese company, Paper Shoot went viral with its 1st sustainable digital camera made from heavy stone paper! 

Stone paper is made from 100% recycled paper, petroleum-free resins & natural pigments. Meaning, Mother Nature approved!

The product does more than put fun & creativity into your vintage shots. You'll get to stay fashionable & connected to nature while capturing sweet moments with friends & family. 

Source: Instagram

One cons: There's no photo preview & review function! You'll need to upload your SD card onto your PC for that. 

Check out the specs:

- 13-megapixels sensor, with a 22mm F2.0 lens

- Comes with time lapse & video recorder in MOV 

- Runs on 2 rechargeable AAA batteries

- Supports SD & WiFi SD card up to 32GB (not included)

- Capacity: 300 shots in JPG

- 4 built-in filters: classic, B & W, sepia & blue

- Durable & water resistant

- Easy DIY assembly

- Assorted designs: CROZ, Wood, Old LOMO, Vintage, Stone Pattern, Circulation, Leather, Fantastic Fern, Steampunk, Summer Bloom, Retro, I See You, Butts & Zen. 

Source: Instagram

OR, show off your designer side with a 'paint-your-own' DIY Pure White Camera. 

Make sure to get equally adorable casings, custom-made from walnut, rosewood, teak, cork, leather etc.

Bonus: Just slide the camera into your pocket like a piece of paper when you're on-the-go. It's only as small as a cassette tape!

Source: Instagram

It's really simple & straightforward to use with no flashy functions. 
Learn how to use Paper Shoot + other FAQs here.

Shop online or visit these stores in KL, Penang & Langkawi to get yours! 
Price from as low as RM150 on sale.

DC: Do check with stores first as products might be out of stock during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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