If You Don't Want to Move in and Move out the Houseplants for Sun Exposure.Choose those Plants That May Tolerate Dark Conditions!



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If You Don't Want to Move in and Move out the Houseplants for Sun Exposure.Choose those Plants That May Tolerate Dark Conditions!

By Littlebee

If you want to place some plants at home but the space is not near to any source of sunlight. Then, you may choose to place full shade plants. Those plants still can grow very well under full shade conditions unlike the other semi shade indoor plants or outdoor plants, they must move outdoors expose to direct or indirect sunlight occasionally to continue growing. So, if certain spaces do not receive bright indirect sunlight, we should choose to place full shade plants to save the trouble of moving in and out of the houseplants for exposure to sunlight!


May tolerate 75%-90% of shade, the growing speed under the shade will be greatly reduced compared to the Syngonium place under brighter places. Syngonium comprises many different types of varieties with different leaves colour and leaves shape. For example, syngonium golden allusion, syngonium pink, syngonium Maria allusion, syngonium Wendlandii etc. We may make use of different varieties of syngonium to break the monotony of using the same type of plant as home decoration. Water requirement of syngonium is intermediate, weekly need to watering twice to thrice times for best growth. 



Sansevieria is a highly adaptable plant that may tolerate full shade to full sunlight growing conditions. However, if you want to move the plant from outdoor to indoor may let the plant acclimatise first. You may move to the car porch first for a few days before moving indoors. Sansevieria like syngonium too comprises many varieties with different shapes and leaves colours. Like sansevieria trifasciata leaves are longer in green colour or with yellow margin. Sansevieria moonshine its leaves in light green colour and Sansevieria silver hahnii is grown like a pagoda layer by layer and shorter. If you are the lazy type of plant lover you may choose Sansevieria as the indoor plant decoration. That is because it is a highly tolerant drought plant. You may water once a week only or longer times to keep the sansevieria survive. Using a single type of indoor plants is good for arranging watering schedules. Because different types of plants require different levels of water, you have to remember what time should give what plants water. Using a single type of plant or similar requirement plant will make the maintenance jobs more simple.



Monstera delicious, Monstera adansonii or Monstera oblique etc may survive under full shade condition. However, monstera cannot tolerate over water or poor water drainage soil. Its root will rot and its eaves become yellowing.Monstera love hot and high humid growing environments. Therefore, a humidifier used in house may decrease the watering frequency. Monstera is climbing plants, we may keep pruning to make it grow more branches to look bushy or prepare a coco coir post and let its vine be supported by the post.


Pothos/Scindapsus pictus

Scindapsus pictus or called as satin pothos could tolerate higher degree of shade compared to other pothos plant species like pothos marble queen, N'Joy, pothos variegated etc. Scindapsus pictus as indoor plants is a slow growing plant. It could be placed indoors for a long period without changing to a bigger pot frequently and save a lot of maintenance jobs. However, under full shade conditions the leaves' colour may not be as brilliant as when exposed to bright but indirect sunlight. The silver part of the leaves will decrease under full shade conditions. 


After we know which plant could tolerate dark conditions, then we will not choose unsuitable plants which need more sun exposure to place in the wrong place. We also save the jobs to move in and move out our indoor plant weekly to make the indoor plants may continuously survive in an indoor environment.

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