Learning About ‘Trauma Dumping’ & How To Draw Boundary Lines



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Learning About ‘Trauma Dumping’ & How To Draw Boundary Lines

By ellephant

What is trauma dumping? 

It’s when a casual chat suddenly turns into a play-by-play of an ongoing life crisis, or their struggles with toxicity, or their inability to deal with life, so on and so forth. It is something which often times exceed boundaries.


How do you tell the difference with venting?

It changes from simply venting to trauma dumping when:

1. It is done in an overwhelming manner without being aware of how the listener is feeling or thinking

2. It isn’t a two-way exchange expressing in a more balanced, reciprocal conversation, both parties are willing

3. It involves emotionally intense emotion that can be sensitive and disturbing


How do the dumpees feel:

- Unconsented

- No emotional capacity to handle it

- Resentful

- Helpless

- Avoidant of the person

- Emotionally distant

- Pressured

- Uncomfortable


Are dumpers being manipulative?

The answer is no. They’re just overwhelmed and struggling to regulate emotions and need validation of what they’re going through.


What should dumpees do?

- Suggest to seek out professional help

- Voice out clear boundaries in a nice way

- Plan when youre ready to listen

- Have them ask you if you’re okay to listen first

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