"This Is Basically Soft Porn!" M'sians Criticise Local Horror Film Pulau's Trailer For Its "Haram" Scenes



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"This Is Basically Soft Porn!" M'sians Criticise Local Horror Film Pulau's Trailer For Its "Haram" Scenes

By Ayunie

Horror films are typically very big in Malaysia, and let's admit it nothing beats local "hantu"s. So it's no surprise that any release of horror films in Malaysia is often highly anticipated 

Malaysia's latest horror flick, Pulau, however, has been receiving mixed reaction. Many have likened the film to a famous Hollywood horror flick of seemingly similar plot, Shutter Island. 

Since the trailer was released, some Malaysians have expressed that they feel uneasy over some of the scenes shown, which showcase women in bikinis and revealing attire. One particular scene, which shows the actress and well-known former adult entertainer Ms. Puiyi making out with an actor was also deemed too much.

Critics online have said the unnecessary sex scenes contribute nothing to the plot and should not have been included. At the same time, some are of the opinion that it is time for Malaysian films to be less restricted and filtered in order to reach greater heights. 

The film Pulau is set to be released on March 3rd and notable talents such as Amelia Handerson, Alif Satar, Joey Leong, Harris Anuar, Vikar and many more will be acting in it. 

If you haven't watched the trailer, you can do so below:

What's your take on this? Let us know your thoughts!

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