Here Are 7 Ways To Tell Fake Dating Profile From Real Ones! Check It Out



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Here Are 7 Ways To Tell Fake Dating Profile From Real Ones! Check It Out

By ellephant

We can be living in some tricky times, especially when it comes to the world of dating apps. 

Finding a companion can be tardy, but it can also be dangerous if you let it. 

We've rallied the warning signs you should look out for to make sure that a dating profile is legit, before diving right into it. 

Check it out down below.  

1. Questionable profile

This person's profile has little to no info. There are fake photos and the whole vibe of it is just off. 

2. It's escalating fast

This person is expressing feelings/emotions really quick and they come off quite strong. They want to establish an emotional connection quick.  

3. They ask for money

This is a whole red flag from the get-go. 

4. X-rated requests

They could pressure you to send them explicit photos or videos, even though you're not keen.  

5. Vague personal details

They do not give off too much about themselves, and when they do talk about themselves, the details are vague and unclear. 

6. They put off meeting f2f

They come up with whatever excuse they possibly can to not meet you face to face.  

7. Your guts saying something

There's a feeling deep within you, that says something doesn't feel right. 

At the end of the day, when you get the vibes that someone is off, they most probably are. Don't be too gullible, and think before you proceed. 

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