Malaysians Can Now Enter Singapore With Just A QR Code



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Malaysians Can Now Enter Singapore With Just A QR Code

2 Weeks ago
By Nick Dorian

Life has just gotten a lot easier for Malaysians wanting to enter Singapore, because the public can now clear the immigration hassle by just showing a QR code at the immigration counters.

The Malaysian Immigration Department shared on their Facebook Page yesterday that starting today, June 1st, travelers crossing the border, can now register their digital arrival via the new MyTRIP function on the MySejahtera app.  
With this new service, the Immigration Department expects to reduce waiting times to at least 50%, making the process a lot smoother and easing the congestions at the checkpoints.

However at this time, the QR code systems are only available for usage at the Sultan Abu Bakar Complex for those entering Singapore via bus and motorcycle. This will be the first phase of implementation under a proof-of-concept period, which is expected to last until the 31st of August 2024. Soon after, the department expects it to be rolled out to other border checkpoints as well as eventually include other forms of transport.

To access the MyTRIP feature, just head to the Home page of the MySejaterah app, which will then instruct you to link your passport to the function before a QR code can be generated. And while this may be a great initiative, some will be reassured that it is optional and travelers may still opt to clear immigration via the counters or the autogate. 

It must also be noted that the QR code can be created any time before clearing immigration as well as being unique to the passport holder themselves. But, to ensure the security of the travellers information, a screenshot of the QR code will be unusable and will have to be produced from the app itself. Bear in mind as well that this QR code is generated only for the registered MySejahtera user and not for any other dependants who may have registered themselves during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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