Travelling to Malaysia April Onward | All You Need to Know



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Travelling to Malaysia April Onward | All You Need to Know

By ellephant

After over 2 years, international borders are reopening, and Malaysians as well as the rest of the world will be able to come into the country once again. 

Despite being in its endemic phase, there are still certain measures which need to be abided by, by all travellers alike, in order to deal with the still very present Coronavirus. 

Based on the Health Ministry of Malaysia, the steps to entering Malaysia, would be as follows.  

Health Minister KJ also took to Twitter that fully vaccinated travellers, would no longer need to quarantine upon arrival. However, you would need to take a pre-departure test 2 days prior to travelling, and test negative. 

Besides that, all travellers are to have their mask on at all times, and practice appropriate social distancing. 

As we slowly inch toward normalcy, let's do what we can in order to maintain the virus at bay. For more info on travelling to Malaysia 2022, visit

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