‘Shaken, not stirred’: The Reason Why James Bond Orders His Martinis This Way



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‘Shaken, not stirred’: The Reason Why James Bond Orders His Martinis This Way

By Pineapplesz

James Bond has shown his fondness for martinis many times. Other than his iconic introduction, "Bond. James Bond," his second iconic line is "shaken, not stirred," whenever he orders his martinis. Wanna know why? Let us tell you the real reason.

Many thought it's unconventional to order a shaken martini by a gentleman because it's not the recommended way of drinking one. One might think Bond is a lightweight. However that is not the case at all.



You see, shaken martinis does not pack much punch like stirred martinis do considering the alcohol will get watered down. Shaking the martinis will also distribute the ice more evenly, making the drink colder. Stirred martini has a stronger punch which kind of relates to Bond's personality more but why does he order his martini seemingly weaker?

Based on the video, it seems that Bond chooses to have his martini weaker for him to not get drunk and keep his wits sharp. This way he would appear to be buzzed to his observers but in reality, he is as sharp as a knife. 

The watered down martini, or shaken martini doesn't exactly contain less alcohol but each sip is less potent that a stirred martini. By doing this, Agent 007 can take opponents by surprise if he needs to think or act quickly.

Such a good and responsible spy! Stan James Bond.

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