New Year New Me | We Have 5 Ways To Become More Emotionally Mature In 2023



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New Year New Me | We Have 5 Ways To Become More Emotionally Mature In 2023

By ellephant

As the new year approaches, we often say or hear the world repeat the phrase, 'new year, new me'. 

Cringing at how overused it has become, the meaning it holds still stands significant year in and year out. 

In the spirit of channeling a better you as 2023 arrives, here are the 5 ways in which you can become more emotionally mature as a person. 

Check them out down below. 

1. Listen  

We often forget that the best way to be the best you is to listen to other people, even if you don't necessarily agree with them. Those who are emotionally mature know that everyone holds different opinions, and no one needs to stand on the same side. 

2. Pause  

When we pause before reacting, we are able to make an informed choice or decision about something, rather than making one which is more emotional in nature. 

3. Understand  

There are multiple realities out there, as to each their own perspective. That being said, emotional maturity stems from perceiving that another's reality, doesn't necessarily invalidate our own reality. 

4. Empathize  

Do not say anything till you've run a mile in the shoes of another. Attempt to submerse yourself in the perspective of others. When we practice to see and feel how someone else does, even if it isn't the way we see or feel, we mature. 

5. Recognize  

Take time to know what your triggers are. Triggers bring out the worst in us. When you know what can emotionally sway you, you're able to breathe and make better, more smarter choices. 

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