12yo Requires Lifelong Dialysis Due To Consuming "Ayam Gunting" Everyday After School



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12yo Requires Lifelong Dialysis Due To Consuming "Ayam Gunting" Everyday After School

4 Days ago
By Dhiviya

A 12-year-old student's love of fried chicken has resulted in a grave health consequence: the youngster now requires lifelong dialysis.

Dr. Hong Yongxiang, a nephrologist from Taiwan, revealed this frightening case on a Taiwanese television show.

He added that the youngster began purchasing "ayam gunting" after school virtually every day since he was 8 or 9, ingesting around 200 portions in only one year.

The boy already had chronic glomerulonephritis, and his heavy consumption of high fat, high salt fried chicken caused his kidney function to worsen quickly. By the age of 12, his kidneys were so damaged that he needed dialysis for the remainder of his life.

Dr. Hong went on to say that fried chicken is not only extraordinarily heavy in calories, but the heating oil used in frying contains toxic compounds that endanger kidney function and overall health.

Dr. Hong emphasized the necessity of preserving kidney health by avoiding diets high in fat, sugar, salt, and calories, particularly those containing heavy metals and plasticizers. 


Ayam Gunting dialysis student health consequence


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