Not Feeling The Baju Kurung Trend? Here Are 6 Stores You Can Get Kebayas From To Slay In This Raya!



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Not Feeling The Baju Kurung Trend? Here Are 6 Stores You Can Get Kebayas From To Slay In This Raya!

By Ayunie

Yes, the OG baju kurung will always have a special place in every Malaysian heart, but baju Kebaya has its own irresistible charms that some of us just can't resist. If you're planning to ditch the classic and go with the baju Kebaya ensemble this Raya, we've got some treats for you.  

Here are 6 top local brands selling baju Kebaya that we can guarantee you'll love: 

1. By Miss Fify

Nothing says "I'm a spotlight stealer" like a beautifully crafted kebaya attire that gives its wearer instant glow and elegance. By Miss Fify's kebayas are especially unique for their intricate beadings and flattering silhouette, which you can never go wrong with. 

You can browse through their entire collection on their official Instagram HERE. 

2. Qhalesaa

A combination of elegant lace details and bold batik motives is what makes this particular kebaya collection by Qhalesaa a crowd's favorite. Their designs are flattering on all body shapes AND the top will make it easy to hide your food baby during Raya!

Check out more on their official Instagram HERE. 

3. House of Maslea

Planning to go back to basics this Raya? You should check out House of Maslea's mesmerizing Kebaya designs that will instantly take you to Raya's vintage era where the women were always a little bit bolder. 

Find out more about their Raya 2022 collection HERE. 

4. Whimsigirl

You can always count on Whimsigirl to release classic, evergreen pieces you can always re-wear regardless of any occasion. Their Raya 2022 collections is an ode to the simplicity of local culture, and we're loving every single piece!

Go on to their official website to take a closer look at their Raya 2022 collection. 

5. By His Daisy

A pioneer for embroidered kebayas in Malaysia, By His Daisy is well-known for their signature kebaya designs that have garnered thousands of loyal fans for their quality! 

Check out their official Instagram to browse through more designs of their famous kebayas. 

6. Qasrina Amaara

Want a kebaya with a little twist? Try these classy kebaya songkets by the designer house Qasrina Amaara! You'll definitely be turning heads with this ensemble, and the lace detailings pair so well with the intricate designs of songket that we won't be surprised if you'll be getting a lot of "Where did you buy this kebaya?" questions during Raya.

You can browse through their other designs on their official Instagram.  

Who are your favorite local designers when it comes to baju kebaya? Share with us in the comment section and let's shop for Raya outfits together! 

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