Sex/Life Season 2 Has Arrived, So Here's All The Reasons You Have To Tune In To Season 1



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Sex/Life Season 2 Has Arrived, So Here's All The Reasons You Have To Tune In To Season 1

2 Weeks ago
By ellephant

A previously sexually active woman gets married, has kids, and along the way meets a sexual-stump. She then reconnects with an ex from her past, and before she knows it, she's fantasizing about him in ways she shouldn't. 

Past and present colliding and clashing, season 2 of the Netflix show was released 2 Mar, so we're here to convince you why YOU, should start season 1. 

Check out all our reasons down below. 

1. We all love some good infidelity drama  

Evidentially this series is about the main character cheating on her husband with someone from her past. Whether you'd like to admit it or nah, there's just something about scandal (other people's) we can't see seem to stay away from. 

2. All that sex we need some water  

Like scandal, why also hide the fact that good sex is a good watch. Sex/Life has great sex scenes which would certainly make you feel restless. Like, it's right there in the title?

3. A good way to past time  

All the sex aside, t's an overall entertaining show. An interesting plotline, there really is no reason to turn it down. And now, there's even a season 2 you've got waiting in line. 

Pretty good reasons no? Check out Sex/Life on Netflix, available today. 

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