“Only Bangladeshis Drive Proton!” Girlfriend Merajuk After M'sian Man Expresses Desire To Buy Proton S70, Demands A Honda Instead



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“Only Bangladeshis Drive Proton!” Girlfriend Merajuk After M'sian Man Expresses Desire To Buy Proton S70, Demands A Honda Instead

By Ayunie

In a recent social media post that has since gone viral, a Malaysian man shared the saga of his car-buying journey, which unexpectedly turned into a battleground of preferences and financial strain within his relationship.

The man began by narrating his quest for a new car, considering options such as the S70, Honda City, Toyota Vios, Mazda 3, and even a used Civic. His inclination towards the S70, primarily due to its appealing interior, sparked an unexpected conflict with his girlfriend.

To his surprise, she vehemently objected to the idea of buying a Proton car, claiming it's embarrassing and insisting that her best friend's boyfriend, who drives a Honda City, set a higher standard. The argument escalated at the dealership, making the sales advisor uncomfortable. She even went as far as blurting, "Only bangladeshis drive Proton!", which put him in an awkward position with the sales advisor. 


Source: Facebook

In an attempt to compromise, the man agreed to purchase a used Honda Civic, within his budget constraints. However, the situation took another turn when he asked his girlfriend to contribute RM200 monthly to ease the car loan burden, considering the car would primarily benefit her as he's usually the one driving her to work, which is quite a distance.

The request was met with harsh criticism from his girlfriend, who deemed it ridiculous for a girlfriend to contribute to the car installment. Feeling cornered, the man proceeded to order the Civic, tightening his financial belt.


Upon the arrival of the Civic, the couple's relationship faced another strain when the girlfriend compared the man unfavorably to her friend's boyfriend, who had recently acquired a used BMW 3 Series. This led to a heated argument, and the girlfriend stormed out, later posting on Instagram about riding in a BMW via Grab.

Feeling defeated, the man sought advice from Facebook audience, contemplating whether to use the Civic for ride-hailing services like Grab or Lalamove to offset the installment costs. 

Would you let your partner determine what kind of car you'd be driving? Comment below. 

Source: Facebook

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