WATCH: M'sians Urge Boycott of Local Baju Raya Brands Over Hiring Marissa and Aslam’s First Wife Simultaneously Amid Cheating Scandal



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WATCH: M'sians Urge Boycott of Local Baju Raya Brands Over Hiring Marissa and Aslam’s First Wife Simultaneously Amid Cheating Scandal

By Ayunie

In a recent viral video, influencer Marissa Dania Hakim and a man believed to be Mohd Aslam were featured in a photoshoot for Raya outfits, capturing considerable attention. The couple showcased a comfortable and coordinated appearance in matching black outfits during the shoot.

The three individuals gained widespread attention some time back due to a cheating scandal, with accusations directed at Marissa for allegedly being involved in a romantic affair with Mohd Aslam. As per reports, Aslam is said to still be in a marital relationship with Misya.

The clip revealed Marissa, 19, adjusting the buttons on her husband's traditional Malay attire. However, this clip sparked dissatisfaction among netizens, with some threatening to boycott the associated brand.

The situation escalated when Aslam's first wife, Misya Mazlan, was also featured as a model for the same Raya outfit. Allegedly, she had no prior knowledge of her husband's and his second wife's association with the brand.

In response to the backlash, Misya's sister, Nadiah Mazlan, clarified that her sister was completely unaware of Marissa's involvement with the same brand. The photoshoots were conducted separately, and Misya had no information about the joint participation.

Nadiah expressed her concern, stating, "You all have feelings, hearts, common sense, morals, and care about other people's feelings. For your information, Misya had no idea at all during that product shoot; this woman also shot the same product. When they reached the casting venue, only then did they know, and at that time, they were told not to post anything involving both of them (Misya-Marissa). I am Misya's sister. I am commenting because I need to defend my sister. Please don't turn this into your marketing material. Please be compassionate human beings towards others," she shared on Instagram Story.

Nadiah also urged the clothing brand to apologize to her sister for their action, which led to hurting others' feelings.

It was revealed that Misya turned down an offer from a major brand because Marissa was involved with the same brand. If she had known about Marissa's participation, Misya would have rejected the offer as well.

Amidst the controversy, Twitter users in Malaysia are actively calling for a boycott of local Baju Raya brands that recently featured Marissa in their advertisements. The consensus is that these brands should be held accountable for their insensitive marketing practices, and they should not profit from exploiting a woman's distress.

Would you boycott a brand for their questionable ethics? Comment below.

Source: Twitter

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