How To Withdraw Your RM10,000 EPF Right Away | Under 55 Years Old



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How To Withdraw Your RM10,000 EPF Right Away | Under 55 Years Old

By m7py

If you're under 55 years old and looking to withdraw your EPF savings for expenses, be sure to apply through the portal from April 1 onwards.

Check your eligibility as below:

- You must be an EFP member under the age of 55.

- You must be a Malaysian citizen or non-citizen including permanent residents.

- Holds an EPF saving of at least RM150.

Here are the important terms: 

- Allowed to withdraw minimum RM50 and maximum RM10,000.

- Must withdraw from savings balance in Account 2 before accessing savings in Account 1.

- Must leave a minimum of RM100 in Account 1.

Make sure that:

- Your current contact number is registered with EPF

- Your EPF savings balance has been checked.

- Your bank account number (Savings or Current) is active.

- Your account is under your name

Payment period will begin April 20, 2022 onwards, through a single payment.  Applications will be closed at the end of April, so make sure you apply immediately!

Visit the EPF website, EPF Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or contact the Special Withdrawal Facility hotline at 03-8922 4848 starting April 1.

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