Woman Shocked After Having To Pay RM94 For Yong Tau Foo At Pavillion Food Court



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Woman Shocked After Having To Pay RM94 For Yong Tau Foo At Pavillion Food Court

By Ayunie

A recent incident at a shopping mall's food court left one woman astonished after she was presented with a bill of RM94.20 for two bowls of yong tau foo. The unexpected price prompted her to share her experience through a Facebook post, where she expressed her shock at the almost RM100 cost.

In her social media post, the woman mentioned that she held no grudges against the establishment for charging such a high price. Understanding its location within the high-end shopping mall, she reasoned that the price might account for the substantial expenses involved, including rent and the wages of the staff, which are known to be relatively higher in such locations.

Source: Azura Baharudin (Facebook)

However, what surprised her the most was that the yong tau foo was served at this steep price despite being purchased from a food court, which is traditionally associated with more affordable and budget-friendly dining options. She had anticipated a considerably lower cost, akin to typical food court prices.


Interestingly, the woman acknowledged that she had not taken the time to check the price beforehand, assuming that yong tau foo, a popular Malaysian dish, would not be exorbitantly priced. This assumption led to the unexpected shock when she received the bill.

Recognizing the lesson learned from her experience, she urged others, especially those facing financial constraints, to be cautious and avoid similar mistakes. She emphasized the importance of checking prices and being aware of potential high-priced items, regardless of the dining venue.

The woman's Facebook post resonated with many, generating a significant response from the public. Most people expressed agreement with her, noting that the price of RM94.20 for two bowls of yong tau foo indeed appeared to be on the higher side. 

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Yong tau foo pavillion shopping mall food court overpriced rm94 two bowls


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