Recipe | Easy Home-Made Mango Sago



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Recipe | Easy Home-Made Mango Sago

By m7py

Not being a cry baby, but these days, Malaysia is definitely hotter than your crush! So, there's no better time to whip out a lovely, refreshing Mango Sago right at home. 

A tropical icy cool dessert fit for the whole family? Count me in!

Tiktok user @azahkumiko shares her easy recipe with easy-to-find ingredients. Watch the tutorial below: 

Source: Instagram


- 60g sago

- 200g coconut milk

- 150ml water

- 300ml fresh milk

- 40g sugar

- 2 tbsp condensed milk 

- 3 ripe mangoes

How to make:

1- In a pot of water, boil sago under low heat for 20 minutes. 

2- Wash under cool running water & strain into a bowl. Refrigerate. 

3- In a pot, add coconut milk, water, fresh milk, sugar & condensed milk. Bring to a boil under low heat.

4- Peel the mangoes & dice them. 

5- Blend the mango cubes in a fruit blender until pulpy. 

6- In a bowl, combine sago & milk mixture.

7- Fill mason jars or tall glasses with 1 part mango pulp & 1 part sago mixture. 

8- Top it off with freshly diced mangoes. Serve chilled!

Source: Instagram

Beat the heat with this yummy recipe that you'll be sure to love!

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