M'sian Influencer Reveals She Spent RM55K For Breast Enlargement Surgery In South Korea



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M'sian Influencer Reveals She Spent RM55K For Breast Enlargement Surgery In South Korea

By Ayunie

The renowned Malaysian social media personalities, Harry & JingEn, have recently been under the spotlight due to a YouTube vlog documenting their trip to South Korea for breast augmentation surgery. However, this video stirred a significant backlash among viewers, leading JingEn to address the criticism on her Instagram Story.

JingEn explicitly outlined her motives for considering breast augmentation in the vlog, highlighting the physical changes she underwent post-pregnancy, such as weight loss, which significantly impacted her breast size and contour. She humorously mentioned her husband's preference for fuller breasts as one factor, although she asserted in the video's conclusion that her decision primarily aimed to enhance her beauty and self-confidence. Despite her clarification, some netizens still perceived the procedure as solely catering to her husband's desires, prompting JingEn to reiterate on her IG Story that her choice for breast augmentation was a personal one.

Credit: @Jingen110

Numerous comments in the video's section expressed concern, stating that genuine love should deter a partner from undergoing such procedures due to associated risks, including potential health implications. Some empathized with JingEn's situation, pitying her for having such a spouse. In response, JingEn defended her intentions, emphasizing that the purpose of the vlog was to convey her story and not to misrepresent her motives. She clarified her struggle to regain her pre-pregnancy body despite trying various measures, affirming that personal definitions of beauty differ, and for her, achieving an ideal bust size was crucial for her self-image.



Credit: @jingen110

Amidst negative comments directed towards Harry, JingEn chose not to engage in an argument, explaining that their vlogs often include playful comments to keep the content engaging, unintentionally triggering controversy. She emphasized the video's intent to empower women contemplating breast augmentation while reiterating her stance against promoting plastic surgery but advocating for the right of individuals to choose.

Despite the criticism, numerous netizens showed solidarity with JingEn, appreciating Harry's supportive role throughout the surgical process. The couple's supporters praised Harry for his constant presence and support for his wife. 

Watch their vlog below:

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