Want to Paint Your Living Space Black? Here Are 5 Elegant Inspos to Start With:



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Want to Paint Your Living Space Black? Here Are 5 Elegant Inspos to Start With:

By DN21

Call it gothic or downright gloomy, but the color black actually holds its own appeal. 

Paired with a winning combination (accessories or accents), this daring hue can invoke sophistication to your living space and add a touch of drama. 

Here's how:

1- Wooden Accents

By injecting a warm accent, you'll be able to create a rustic edge to the overall space. Wooden accents (like the inspo below) have the ability to make a daring backdrop look more inviting. 

2- Focus On One Space Alone

It's totally fine to not take a drastic approach for a hue as daring as black. If you're still on the fence, opt for painting a single wall instead so you'd have a chic contrast like below.

3- Add Vibrant-Coloured Decor

You don't have to sacrifice your bold-coloured decor for the sake of a somber space. Be it a quirky sofa or painting, play around with vibrant textures to inject a fun appeal against a black backdrop.


4- Paint the Floors Instead

Call it daunting, but this method can actually conceal unwanted stains while keeping in line to that edgy streak you wanted. 

For a more seamless look, link the space with black decor instead.

5- Go For Monochrome

Black always looks good with white! While you may think monochrome is outdated, the right prints can really elevate the contrast to making the space look more luxurious.

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