Man Buys Wife A RM30K++ Birkin After He Was Caught Getting 'Too Excited' Looking At Mia Khalifa



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Man Buys Wife A RM30K++ Birkin After He Was Caught Getting 'Too Excited' Looking At Mia Khalifa


A TikToker just went mega viral, thanks to the wandering eyes of her husband which, unfortunately for him, was documented for all the internet to see.

The newlyweds were enjoying their boujie dinner at a hotel in Paris when a familiar face walked by, which Lya Mariella's husband recognized, almost immediately, to the despair of his wife. 

In a quick moment of excitement, the husband allegedly whipped out his phone, not wanting to wait a second longer to narrate to his friends of his swift encounter with the former porn star Mia Khalifa. 

When Lya Mariella posted her "woes" on TikTok, it quickly gained a massive traction, attracting the attention of Mia Khalifa herself. She then left a comment under the video saying, "Girl my man was on his phone the whole time, I say we throw them all away and go shopping tomorrow."

To which Mariella replied: "I'm currently at Hermes (sic) across the street feel free to meet me here!". Mia then remarked: "Good. He owes you a birkin."

Wouldn't you know... the very next TikTok Mariella posted what of her shiny new Birkin, as per Mia's "demands".

That's not all, though! Lya Mariella posted yet another video pertaining to the silly little incident and this time, Mia Khalifa made a special appearance, along with the star of the show, the birkin.

Mia Khalifa, amused by the situation, couldn't help but share it with her online audience, in which she tweeted: 

That sure is a costly apology! Should men empty their bank account if they get caught staring at another woman? Share with us your thoughts! 

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