"Baseless And Extreme!" Ebit Lew Finally Addresses Mondy Tattoo's Sexual Harassment Allegations In His Latest Instagram Post



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"Baseless And Extreme!" Ebit Lew Finally Addresses Mondy Tattoo's Sexual Harassment Allegations In His Latest Instagram Post

By Ayunie

Malaysian celebrity preacher Ebit Lew has found himself embroiled in another controversy following allegations of sexual harassment made against him by Indonesian TikTok influencer more commonly known as Mondy Tattoo. 

Mondy Tattoo, who gained recognition after being featured in one of Ebit Lew's viral TikTok videos several months ago, came forward to share her harrowing experiences. She alleged that Ebit Lew had coerced her into pretending to perform solat for the sake of content creation. Even more disturbingly, she claimed that he had made inappropriate advances towards her in secret.

Watch Mondy Tattoo's confession in the video below posted by celebrity influencer Caprice, or click here to watch it on YouTube:

According to Mondy, despite being showered with financial support and lavish treatments by Ebit Lew, she did not find happiness or safety in their interactions. Her decision to speak out was motivated by a desire to clear her name and shed light on the circumstances surrounding her association with the celebrity preacher.

Before these allegations came to light, Mondy Tattoo had faced significant backlash for her decision to stop wearing the hijab: a choice that Ebit Lew had reportedly persuaded her to make. This decision had ignited heated debates and criticism from various quarters. 

On the other side of the story, Ebit Lew has responded to the allegations by taking legal action. He posted an announcement on his Instagram account, confirming that he had made a police report and has sought legal representation to address the accusations made against him.

Source: Ebit Lew's Instagram

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