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Tattoos to get

By SabrinaJ


Generally tattoos doesn’t come off as the best impression to people. That is understandable.. Yes, some beings tattoo for the same reasons: the need to feel unique, fit in, or stand out. However tattoos can mean a lot more than just for the look of cool and fun or even for the hell why not?

To some people the tattoos they planted on them has its own unique meaning. As a symbol and a behavior, the tattoo has power.
Sometimes by having a permanent ink on their body that symbolizes something would most likely help them in their worse time. Whatever meaning they have behind it will help remind them why they got it the first time.

You don’t have to get a huge tattoo for it. You can always have those tiny ones just to remind you of what’s good. 

Here are some examples of little tattoos:

1. Phrases

Having phrases as tattoos can really show the meaning of why you got them the first place or just to remind you of hope.

2. Symbols

If you can’t speak, show it. Having symbols as tattoos also holds meaning. Some symbols don’t even have to explain for themselves and you can already see what the person is going through.

3. Animals

Some animals can define who we are.

4. Nature

Nature is all around you.

5. Space

If you’re into space and sometimes you just want to escape the ground you’re on.

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