Gym Lips Trend Is Taking Over BeautyTok & We Never Thought Getting Plump Lips Without Lip Fillers Would Be This Easy!



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Gym Lips Trend Is Taking Over BeautyTok & We Never Thought Getting Plump Lips Without Lip Fillers Would Be This Easy!


Every now and then a new, unprecedented beauty trick would emerge on social media, birthing yet another trend that will either stay or linger before it eventually dies down. However, we have a feeling that this latest trend that's currently taking over the internet, coined the “Gym Lips"; is slowly gaining a permanent status among beauty enthusiasts.

What in the world is it exactly? 

Contrary to its name, no sweating or gym equipment is actually involved in the making of Gym Lips. Made popular by New York-based makeup artist Kelli Anne Sewell, it's a term referring to a specific technique for achieving a perfectly natural, plumped lips with just two products. 

What makes this trend so quick to catch on is that it doesn't require you to subject yourself to the humiliating battle of Who Gets To Buy The Product First Before It Disappears Off The Shelves. So yes, you probably already have the required products in your beauty stash!

So, what are the steps to achieve Gym Lips?

Easy! First, find a lip liner that perfectly matches your lip color. Overline your lips just ever so slightly, then grab any moisturizing lip treatment you have on hand and apply it all over. You could also use a clear lip gloss or any type of colorless lip balm.  

Gym Lips application is perfect for days when you don't feel like wearing makeup but still want to avoid looking like a pale ghost. It's so natural looking that you can go to the gym with it, hence the name!

What other beauty tricks do you know that have saved your beauty routine for the better? Share with us in the comment section! 

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