Fans Beware, Qatar Declares SEX BAN During FIFA World Cup 2022!



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Fans Beware, Qatar Declares SEX BAN During FIFA World Cup 2022!

3 Days ago

Thinking of going wild in Qatar? Think again. 

With violators potentially facing a seven-year prison sentence, the 2022 World Cup in Qatar marked the first time that such a restriction on casual sex, alcohol, and partying is placed on players as well as spectators.  

"Partying is not permitted at the tournament, and casual sex is only permitted if you are married. Everyone must adhere to the rules in order to avoid serving a seven-year sentence in prison," according to sources in the police department.

In a statement released prior to the competition, Qatar's Amir, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, said: "We are not prohibiting anyone from travelling to Doha, regardless of your background and different religious beliefs. The importance of tourism is recognised in Qatar.  

"Millions of tourists visit Qatar every year, and the World Cup is the ideal time for groups from around the globe to learn about our culture."

Qatar has spoken: halal activities only! What do you think of these restrictions? Come discuss in the comment section!

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