The 6 Hottest K-Dramas to Watch When You're Feeling Naughty



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The 6 Hottest K-Dramas to Watch When You're Feeling Naughty

By ellephant

It goes without saying that South Korean dramas adore focusing more on the sweet, rather than the sexy. They're all butterflies and love, which don't get us wrong, is amazing. 

But being humans with 'needs', once in awhile, we might want things to maybe, go a step further. 

In the spirits of tapping into the more raunchier plotlines, we gathered the 6 K-Dramas in the past years which are steamier than you'd expect. Take a look down below!

#6 Nevertheless  

Year: 2021

MDL Rating: 7.6

Episodes: 10

#5 Something In The Rain  

Year: 2018

MDL Rating: 7.9

Episodes: 16

#4 Another Miss Oh  

Year: 2016

MDL Rating: 8.2

Episodes: 18

#3 The World Of The Married  

Year: 2020

MDL Rating: 8.5

Episodes: 16

#2 What's Wrong With Secretary Kim  

Year: 2018

MDL Rating: 8.5

Episodes: 16

#1 W: Two Worlds Apart  

Year: 2016

MDL Rating: 8.5

Episodes: 16

A short list, but we promise you one that will stay in your head for a long, long time ;)

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