M'sian Twitter User Draws Comparison Between Ms Puiyi and The 1975's Instagram Followers Amidst GVF Fiasco



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M'sian Twitter User Draws Comparison Between Ms Puiyi and The 1975's Instagram Followers Amidst GVF Fiasco

By Ayunie

A recent tweet by a Malaysian user comparing the number of Instagram followers between local talent Ms Puiyi and the internationally renowned band, The 1975, has sparked heated debates on social media. At the time of writing, Ms Puiyi boasts a staggering 22.3 million followers, while The 1975 falls short with only 3.7 million followers. This tweet comes at a time when Malaysia is at the center of discussions among international news and the LGBT community due to the recent GVF fiasco. As Malaysians express their frustration at the band, some have resorted to comparing Instagram followings to express their opinions.



The tweet in question drew attention to the vast difference in Instagram followers between Ms Puiyi and The 1975. While Ms Puiyi, a popular local talent, commands a massive following of 22.3 milliosn on the platform, The 1975, a globally renowned band, has amassed only 3.7 million followers. 

Amidst this social media frenzy, the context surrounding the tweet cannot be overlooked. The recent GVF (Good Vibes Festival) fiasco, where The 1975 faced backlash for their short-lived performance, has been a major talking point in Malaysia. The band received criticism for indecent behaviors and performative activism concerning the LGBT laws in Malaysia which prompted strong reactions from Malaysians and the international LGBT community.

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As news of the GVF incident spread, Malaysians took to various platforms, including Twitter, to voice their opinions and frustrations. Others pointed out that even Malaysian social media personality Aliff Syukri commands a higher number of followers than the band, implying that popularity does not equate to immunity from criticism.

The incident involving The 1975 has garnered widespread attention, with Malaysia becoming a focal point of discussions among international news outlets and the LGBT community. The incident has raised questions about artists' responsibility when performing in different cultural contexts and respecting diverse audiences.

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