Park Shin-Hye Loses 10 Kilograms In One Month | Check Out The 3 Methods She Used



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Park Shin-Hye Loses 10 Kilograms In One Month | Check Out The 3 Methods She Used

By Jada

The performance of South Korean actress Park Shin-Hye in the science fiction Korean drama "Sisyphus: The Myth" has become a hot topic recently! 

In addition, Park Shin-Hye has amazed people with her slim V face and slender figure that shown in the drama. 

Responding to that, she had generously shared her secret of how to lose 10 kilograms in one month, as below. 

1. No Food After 6 p.m. 

Park Shin-Hye adheres to the discipline of not eating after 6 p.m. because late eating will cause digestion difficulty, fat accumulation and oedema (swelling).

2. Cucumber Diet Menu

She also shared her "cucumber weight loss menu" on the show. 

Breakfast: a cucumber, a glass of low-fat milk

Chinese food: a half bowl of white rice, boiled cabbage

Dinner: a small cucumber, cabbage

(how does she survive with this, really?) 

3. TANZPLAY Movement

In recent years, "TANZPLAY", which has become popular in the Korean entertainment industry. It was created by Korean dancer Kim Yoona. 

It combines Pilates, yoga, aerobics and modern dance. 

It can train our heart and lungs, and core muscles. It can also improve our body shapes by stretching.

Would you try these weight losing tips by Park Shin-Hye?

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