Bank Rejects Church's Cheque Because Not 'Halal'



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Bank Rejects Church's Cheque Because Not 'Halal'

By m7py

It's no question that the flood victims need as much help as they can get in these trying times.

However, Bank Muamalat in Seremban decided to reject a cheque from a church as it was deemed not 'halal'.

The issue arose when Seremban-based Chinese charity group, Wah Chai Association, tried to deposit a Maybank cheque for RM 1,500 at the bank. 

The cheque was issued by the Agape Community Church to pay for remedial works at Lee Sam Road Chinese Cemetery in Seremban.

After getting help from Lobak state assemblyman, Chew Seh Yong, the charity committee members tried to deposit the cheque again. But, it bounced again for the same reason.

Following a discussion with the bank employees, the bank headquarters gave instruction to accept the cheque. They cited 'technical error' for earlier rejections. 
What do you think? Is this merely bank policy or racism at its worst? 

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