Malaysian Woman Returns Accidental RM30K Transfer After Month-Long Search



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Malaysian Woman Returns Accidental RM30K Transfer After Month-Long Search

5 Days ago
By Dhiviya

This notion was demonstrated by Irriana Azreen, whom lately refunded almost RM30,000 that had been inadvertently transferred to her savings account by an unknown entity.

Irriana had wrote about the incident on her social networking site X, explaining how she had it within herself to identify the real ownership of the funds after no claims had been made for two weeks.

"I am grateful that I am not the sort to be swayed by money. Someone unintentionally deposited RM30,448 into my account, which truly tested me. I waited for two weeks and nobody claimed it. So I had to find the owner myself," she added.

The funds was recently deposited to her own bank account via an internet transaction by an unknown private travel firm.

Irriana spent a month looking for the person who owned it as well as before repaying the funds, she put it to an account for savings called 'Tabung' to resist the temptation to waste it.

"I was fortunate to find the person who owned after a month. I did consider using the money as a deposit for the HR-V.

Yet I stored the funds in my MAE (Maybank app) savings account because I was afraid I'd succumb to temptation. "My own savings account had only four cents," she jokily wrote .

Irriana posted an image of a WhatsApp discussion, revealing the account owner's reasoning. The owner stated that an error had happened when she entered her account number details, resulting in the money being sent to her account instead.

The money changer incorrectly entered the last two digits of the account number, therefore I unintentionally deposited the funds to your account," said the owner.

Responding to comments from inquisitive netizens, Irriana detailed the rigorous procedures she took to guarantee the money was restored to its proper owner.

She asked for the transfer receipt, ID card, date and time of the transaction, and a mutual agreement letter to verify the information.

Irriana's actions have received widespread recognition over her outstanding moral integrity and honesty.  


x RM30 000 Fund transferred


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