Sweet DIY Couple Gift Ideas That Will Melt Your Partner As Seen On TikTok



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Sweet DIY Couple Gift Ideas That Will Melt Your Partner As Seen On TikTok

By m7py

If you're running out of gift ideas for bae, try some cute DIY crafts, now trending on TikTok. Nothing beats your handiwork with so many thoughts put into them.  

1 - Star Origami Bouquet
Forget flowers! Stars make a romantic choice for a bouquet instead. And, by stars, I mean, lovely paper stars you could fold yourselves. Here's how: 

- Fold star origami, preferably 500 pieces or more. Watch this tutorial, to learn how. 
- Make holes in the back of the stars and glue the wires. 
- Gather the stars into a bouquet and wrap it in pretty paper, 

Get the materials you need here! 

Check out this cool tutorial. 

2- 100 Kisses Card

If your man can't get enough of your kisses, then, give him just that and more! These 100 kisses trend would get him all hot and bothered for you. Here's how to DIY:

- Put on your favorite lipstick and stamp away on a piece of paper, making 100 lip stamps.
- Cut out the stamps carefully. You can write cute notes behind each stamp. 

Watch the tutorial below.

3 - Google My Maps Memory Card

Put together all the memorable spots you've been to with bae. You'll score brownie points with this awesome idea! Here's how:

- Search up places you've been with him or her on Google My Maps. 
- Screenshot and print out those pictures in color. 
- Draw a heart on each printed screenshot. 
- Cut out the hearts and mark the locations with mini red hearts. 
- Fold the hearts in the middle and glue the back of each heart on another.
- When the hearts are dry, trim off the edges. 
- Attach the hearts onto a card and write down sweet words for your loved one.  

See how it's done here. 

Go make these adorable keepsakes for your lover now! 

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