4 Incredibly Easy Marmite Recipes That'll Warm Your Tummy!



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4 Incredibly Easy Marmite Recipes That'll Warm Your Tummy!


Have you tried Marmite before?

It's a type of yeast spread made popular by the Brits. As for the taste, it's mildly salty with a soy sauce-esque flavour to it whereas the appearance is somewhat dark coloured and gooey. It's definitely one of those foods where you gotta try it before you judge it. If you've tried marmite chicken before, you'll get what I mean! 

I've modified regular comfort food and added a touch of Marmite goodness and I kid you not, even my pickiest eater friend was asking for a second plate! What makes it even better is that these dishes typically take less than 20 minutes to prepare so if you find yourself having little to zero energy to cook, just try one of these marmite recipes out: 

1. The good ol' toast:




Too lazy for breakfast? Grab yourself a couple of toast, smear some butter and slather a thin layer of Marmite and you're good to go. 

2. 20 Minutes Noodles




Ingredients you'll need:

+ Instant dry noodle

+ 80g anchovies

+ 1 tablespoon fried challot

+ 1 stalk of Siew Bak Choy (washed and blanched)

+ 1 stalk of spring onion (washed and diced)

+ Half-boiled eggs


Noodles seasoning:

+ 1 teaspoon of Marmite

+ 1 tablespoon of challot oil

+ 1 teaspoon of sugar

+ 1 tablespoon of hot water


1. Heat up some oil and fry the anchovies, and put aside.

2. Toss instant noodles in boiling water, then drain. Mix with noodles seasoning and plate it. 

3. Top with half-boiled eggs, Siew Bak Choy and the fried anchovies.

4. Garnish with chopped spring onion and fried shallot.


For a little extra flair, I'd sometimes add other proteins to it. Whatever portion of chicken, tofu, or fish leftovers I have in the fridge, I'd usually add them in with the noodles, and presto! a straightforward, nourishing lunch that is hearty and super duper quick. 


This recipe is also excellent for meal prepping and it's so affordable and perfectly nutritious. Who says you have to spend a fortune on healthy meals? 


3. Marmite Half-Boiled Eggs

Not many people do this, but I really like Marmite with my half-boiled eggs. Just boil your eggs as usual, and add a teaspoon or two of Marmite. You’ll never go back to the old soy sauce + white pepper kopitiam combo again!


4. Easy Rice Porridge




A bowl of hot rice porridge is not only food for the soul— it's an ideal recipe to attempt. Here's how I usually make it:

Make rice porridge, as I would normally. Then, I'd add a tablespoon (or more, as desired) of Marmite for an improvement from the dull, traditional porridge! 


If you're not familiar with Marmite, here's a few things you should know—  A savoury spread created with yeast extract and added B vitamins is what it is, technically. It is particularly well-liked in the UK, where toast, crackers, and sandwiches regularly have it smeared on them. It also divides people because of its powerful, salty flavour profile—either you love it or you detest it.





In conjunction with the World's Marmite Day which falls on 28th September each year, you can purchase a Marmite 470 g + 115g (FOC) promotion pack! For you to give to your loved one as a gift, the set includes a lovely gift box and a gifting sticker, so you better rush to your nearest grocery store while it lasts! 


If you do purchase, make sure you do this too to share the joy!

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For more information on Marmite and other promotions, make sure you head on to their official Facebook to find out more!


You can find them on other social media platforms too!

Website: https://www.marmite.co.uk/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marmite/


What's your opinion on Marmite? Come share your thoughts with us!

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