Soh Wooi Yik's Devastating Post After Recent Loss Broke Our Hearts



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Soh Wooi Yik's Devastating Post After Recent Loss Broke Our Hearts

By Ayunie

"We prepared so hard, the commitment, the sacrifices of blood and sweats to face any challenges but sometimes it doesn't come well as we expected." - Soh Wooi Yik

When it comes to sports, winning and losing is always part of the game. Even notable players at the top of their game is not immune to being defeated. Our national badminton player, Soh Wooi Yik posted a heartfelt message on his social media mourning his loss and Malaysians shared his sorrow.

"I always aim to make you all proud as Malaysian. No matter how hard..." The athlete also expressed gratitude over the support he has been receiving and vowed to make a better comeback. He has also firmly stated that this loss is not the end of the world and he promises to take his defeat as a challenge and motivation to work harder and achieve greater results. 

Athletes in Malaysia are often only celebrated when they win while their losses are left scrutinized. Whether they win or lose, they're still worthy of honour. Physical labour and constraint that comes with being an athlete isn't something a regular person would be able to endure, therefore that is worthy of being credited in itself. 

At the end of the day, Malaysians are still proud of Soh Wooi Yik, as seen under his comment section. Many Malaysians are throwing in words of encouragement to the player, urging him to not give up.

What would you tell our national player? 

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