Top 5 Mamat Khalid Movies That’ll Always Have A Special Place In Every Malaysian's Heart



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Top 5 Mamat Khalid Movies That’ll Always Have A Special Place In Every Malaysian's Heart


Malaysian film industry lost yet another priceless gem last Sunday when film director Mamat Khalid passed away from a sudden heart attack. His legacy will forever stand in line with the likes of P.Ramlee and Yasmin Ahmad— truly a list of gems we'll never find twice.  

To commemorate his priceless legacy, here are 5 best Mamat Khalid movies that will forever be a classic. 

1. Zombie Kampung Pisang Sequel

Who could forget the simple hilarity of Malaysian humor and other similar values that hit too close to home in this widely beloved film. If you ever miss home, watching this film will cure it. 

2. Hantu Kak Limah Sequel

A film that looks as if so nonchalantly made hides a brilliant incarnation of Malaysians' shared oneness when it comes to a community crisis and how everyone would drop everything to help a fellow neighbor in need. So simple, yet so incredibly touching. 

3. Man Laksa

Who could forget the legendary Man Laksa and the effortless acting that made us rebuild our hope for Malaysian cinema? Amidst the distasteful rempit film franchise and obnoxious romance movie, Man Laksa stands on its own unique league. 

4. Senario's Lang Buana

It's what you get when you combine the most legendary Malaysian comedy group with Mamat Khalid's gifted mind— a film that'd instantly classic the moment it premiered. 

5. Rock! Trilogy

The relived nostalgia and the magic of rock and roll that once dominated the world decades ago is trophied in this critically acclaimed film that no one is able to dislike.

Mamat Khalid, you'll be sorely missed. 

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