Malacca | Squid Game-ish Political Campaign Is An Ironic Cringe!



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Malacca | Squid Game-ish Political Campaign Is An Ironic Cringe!

By m7py

Squid Game is literally everywhere! That includes in one election candidate's political campaign in Malacca.

Physical campaigning might have been banned due to the pandemic. But, the Pakatan Harapan (PH) campaigners were determined to seek votes creatively.

In a viral video, a masked individual dressed in the guard outfit from Squid Game was seen distributing cards to the public. 

On the back of the card, one will see these phrases: "Are you ready to accept the challenge? Together we will win back Melaka."

Netizens were both awe-struck and tickled by this out-of-the-world gimmick!

In another news, an Indian uncle shooed away campaigners for only showing up to seek votes without fulfilling their manifesto after! 

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