5 Plot Lines Hinted At In "Ted Lasso" Season 3 Trailer



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5 Plot Lines Hinted At In "Ted Lasso" Season 3 Trailer

By storyteller24

The Apple TV feel-good hit series "Ted Lasso" released the trailer for its upcoming third season on Feb. 27. Following all that transpired before the conclusion of Season 2, many were looking forward to seeing what was to come in Season 3.

While the trailer itself had very little dialogue, enough snippets were shown that could give audiences a glimpse of what's to come in Ted Lasso Season 3.

1. Rupert will bring out the worst in Nate

Easily the most heartbreaking subplot of Season 2 was Nate's (Nick Mohammed) betrayal. Nate went from being a character fans rooted for to a character they rooted against. Nate gradually embraced his demons, leading him to turn on Ted (Jason Sudeikis). And there may not be one single person in the universe that will exploit Nate's hubris more than Rupert (Anthony Head).

The trailer briefly showed Rupert showing his confidence in Nate as the head coach, which does not bode well for the latter. Knowing how much Rupert changed Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) for the worse during their toxic marriage, Nate's long-standing daddy issues should be easy for AFC Richmond's former owner to abuse.

2. Ted will have another panic attack(s)

The show has accurately (and uncomfortably) demonstrated time and time again that Ted suffers from panic attacks due to the trauma that he suffered from his father's own suicide. Despite his positive outlook on life, he's had multiple panic attacks throughout the show's run. The trailer hinted through his clenched fist and extreme headshot that they will resurface again.

As to why he'll suffer another one: it could be from having to see Nate, who he took under his wing, turn into his enemy, or it could be from having his own son come see him, reminding him of his failed marriage.

3. Ted's son and Rupert will get more screen time

Ted's son and Rupert were more prominently involved in Season 1 but weren't seen much the following season. The trailer showed clips of the two of them being more involved in "Ted Lasso" Season 3, even if their roles may not be as big as some of the show's main characters.

By doing so, we may get a better understanding of Rupert, who has been steadfastly portrayed as the show's villain, as well as the role Ted's son plays in his life knowing what happened between him and his father.

4. Ted and AFC Richmond will root for Nate

Despite the petty and egotistical actions committed by Nate in Season 2, the trailer showed that Ted won't hold a grudge against him because of how that would go against his moral philosophy. Plus, Ted once had a positive history with Nate back in Season 1.

Showing Nate that people can treat you well even after you've wronged them could very well be what turns him around, especially since the trailer showed Nate being alone and possibly unhappy with where he's at following his biggest break in his coaching career.

5. Roy and Keeley's relationship will be put to the test

In one of the unforeseen twists from Season 2, the show hinted that there could be potential strain between the show's most lovable couple, Roy (Brett Goldstein) and Keeley (Juno Temple). Odds are, they wouldn't have gone that route if they weren't going to harp on it for next season, and it appears that they will.

Even though the two of them work as a couple, they might want different things in life – which is how good couples either split up or become stronger. The trailer hinted that, for better or worse, their love for each other will be tested.

Of course, there should be other plot lines that will get more development, like Sam's (Toheeb Jimoh) relationship with Rebecca, and where Jamie Tartt's (Phil Dunster) story goes from here, but there's only so much material a trailer can cover in two minutes.

At the end of the day, "Ted Lasso" Season 3 is coming back soon, and that's exciting enough for fans everywhere.

When does 'Ted Lasso' Season 3 come out?

Fans can expect Ted Lasso Season 3 to come out March 15 on Apple TV+.

Will there be a Season 4 of Ted Lasso?

Per The Times, Goldstein said last year that Season 3 would be the last. And, according to Entertainment Weekly, Sudeikis hinted that the show would have three seasons. But Apple TV+ hasn't framed "Ted Lasso" Season 3 like it's the last, so only time will tell.

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