Guilty on the waste of papers for your wedding? Here's some ways you can be eco-friendly on this occasion - with the use of E-wedding cards!



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Guilty on the waste of papers for your wedding? Here's some ways you can be eco-friendly on this occasion - with the use of E-wedding cards!

By Ohwonderdays

Saving the environment is one thing, but how can you make your wedding a more eco-friendly occasion? One of the largest produce from a wedding will be its wedding invites, the amount of paper used for the card and envelope can be a lot if you are planning to have a lot of guests, not to mention the price you have to pay for them physical cards! Here are some solutions for you to be eco-friendly by using e-wedding cards (and same some bucks without neglecting your guests! )  


Creating a wedding invitation have never been more easy than using Wedivite! It does not only substitute the papers used for your wedding invitations, but also functioning as a wedding website where a custom invitation can be easily created with photos, dates and venue etc. Guests can be invited from a special url link/email/ Facebook, and they can view the invitation, RSVP on Google Calendar, venue direction and so on!  All of the info can be easily navigated with the dashboard as well. 

Website :  

Open The Envelope

Specialising in contemporary elegance and modern chic style, Open The Envelope is an online wedding stationary boutique that offers traditional paper wedding invitations, e-invitations and money packets designs for a touch of your perfect modern wedding! With customers from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Australia and Indonesia, Open The Envelope offers shop and chose from a variety of design for your prefect wedding!

Website :


A down-to-earth local brand, Kadlawo offers a range of e-invitation designs that reflect the tropical culture in Malaysia! Besides its tropical vibes, Kadlawo e-invitation can be easily navigated in your phone and design with essential details such as Bride's & Groom's name, date, time, directions to the wedding venue, as well as the RSVP button and "contact us" button, where you will never miss out the date or getting lost on the road again!

Website :  

XiTieJi 喜帖纪

XiTieJi 喜帖纪 is a online wedding invitation website that focuses on curating wedding invites, invitations. The variety of design templates exceed the previous websites above, where you can get to choose from different themes such as forest theme, japanese theme, European style, chinese style, magazine style etc. Most of the templates has to be paid, but they are still quite affordable. The downside is only the website is in Mandarin. One can use google translate in pc for a smoother buying experience! In addition to the delicate style of painting, the electronic invitations increase the wedding process and feedback. The blessings for newcomers can also be displayed below the electronic invitations. 

Website :  

HunLiJi 婚礼纪

HuiLiJi is a wedding planner application that helps couples in China with the planning and sharing of their wedding events, covering everything of your marriage, from wedding planning to wedding photography to wedding dress, and of course they have services of wedding invitations as well! Founded by a tech company from Hangzhou in 2013, you can easily choose your desired animated e-wedding card from the large amount of templates in the website, and most importantly is that the free ones are just as good! Just download their apps to find out more! The website is in Mandarin, which poses a downside, but you can always find a friend who understands to help you out!

Website :

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