Afraid of Failure? | Don’t Let It Stunt Your Creativity Growth!



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Afraid of Failure? | Don’t Let It Stunt Your Creativity Growth!

By TypoWithCrystalbelle

Are you afraid of failure? Does it traumatize or encourage you? I believe it has different effects on different people depending on the situation and the severity of the failure. 


The scientific name for the condition of fear of failure, which is experienced by millennials every day. I know everyone says we have to be brave and courageous to achieve what we want, but it is always easier said than done. Nevertheless, failures are hurdles that each and every one of us has to cross over before we can proceed further in our life. We are stronger than we think we are and it is important to never let failure to stunt our creativity in any way of life! Do you ever wonder how will the fear of failure impede our creative growth?  

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1. Sabotage Our Self-confidence Directly and Indirectly

Creativity is something that cannot be taught because it is inside us, it is us and it is this little something that makes us different from each other. However, creativity requires the courage and confidence of a person to make it glow.

The first rule, not to be afraid of expressing yourself.

If you are afraid of voicing out your ideas, if you are afraid of speaking your mind, you can never grow further. You are creative when you voice out your idea. You are creative when you speak your mind with confidence. You are creative when you talk about your ideas regardless of how silly or ridiculous it sounds to other people. Remember, if you let your ideas lie dormant in your mind, no one will know your creativity.

The fear of failure will sabotage your confidence as you only follow what other people said when you yourself knew that there are better ways to it. Let’s take the leap of faith today, do not let fear hold you back because you will achieve so much more. 

2. Afraid to Try Something New

This excessive anxiety very often is the massive obstacle that blocks our way towards our goals. When we are afraid of losing, we will want to stay in our comfort zone because we know we will never be the outliers that will be rejected from the community. But hey, do you know that the courage to try something new is the dominant factor that will determine your success or failure, happiness or sorrow, satisfaction, or disappointment of your life?

Whenever we are exposed to something new, our brain will generate tiny little sparks that foster creativity. It is the brilliant flash of ideas that will nurture us and drive us to the solution of the problems that we encounter.

3. Make You Believe that You Are Not THE ONE

You feel you are always undermined, not creative enough, smart enough, skilled enough, or talented enough to succeed. Do you know who is the most creative person in the world? There is no need to google it because the answer is right in front of you, which is YOU, yes, you yourself.

Valuable insights often come from the creativity of oneself. Never ever underestimate yourself, you are the key to all aspects of your life, be it mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or even physically. Do not be afraid of failure, you have whatever it takes in yourself, what you need is a little bit more of courage to conquer the world.

Remember, the only failure is not to try.  

Photo Source: Seanwes

Failure happens all the time. Some people have been trying in their whole life to avoid failure. I think the strange, mysterious, and uncanny properties of failure are that it makes us grow while showing us what options we have in our life.

Who knows, creativity might be the only way out for our failures! I guess this is what it takes for us to move on, to stumble upon it and rise again, to hate failure but never fear it.

Now, let us conquer failure, empower ourselves, and live the world as our own!

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