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Omg I Wish my Nails Were Cuter | 5 Things For PERFFF Nails

ellephant   |   Aug 21, 2021, 22:47   |   34

Believe it or not, having pretty nails is a big flex, regardless of gender. There is just something about having nice-looking nails which generally just boosts confidence levels. 

Unfortunately, we're not all so lucky to be born with such perfection.


Many often find their nails rather brittle, easily broken, dry and well the list could go on. However, there are steps to take, in order to improve the quality of your nails. What are they?

We've gathered 5 top steps below, check it out. 

1. Moisturizing your nails


Using hand cream on your hands and nails, or even moisturizer for your cuticles would help strengthen your nails, and leave it looking healthier as well as prettier. 

2. Using non-toxic nail polish and acetone-free nail polish remover


Nail polishes and removers with toxic substances, as well as acetone can damage your nails, making it rather weak in nature. Do yourself a favour and use substances which are chemical free. 

3. Minimizing water exposure


Water, too makes your nails brittle. That being said, you should do what you can to keep your nails away from water, as much as you can. Although difficult, at least minimizing exposure to it, would take your nails a long way. 

4. Taking biotin supplements


Biotin is Vitamin H/B7. This vitamin isn't stored in the body, and thus it can be taken, in the form of supplements. Besides that, it is also contained in foods like sardines, eggs and legumes. So, eat up.

5. Seeing a dermatologist


And if all else fails, then seeing a doctor could be your best bet. Showing a dermatologist your nails, and following their what-to-do(s) will have you having prettier nails in no time. 


5 simple steps, try them out and see if you have stronger, healthier, nicer-looking nails. 


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