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Fireworks Are Prohibited After Midnight, Says PDRM

2 Weeks ago
By Ayunie

In a recent announcement, Deputy Commissioner Alzafny Ahmad of the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) declared a comprehensive ban on all forms of online firework sales, irrespective of the product types involved. The prohibition encompasses 45 approved types of fireworks available for public sale, with an additional nine conditionally categorized fireworks restricted to licensed agents, as listed below:

Allowed to sell:

1. Pop-pop

2. Happy boom glow of sunset

3. Happy boom sunset bar

4. Happy boom glories

5. Happy boom flower silver cracking rain (20 shot)

6. Happy boom birthday candle

7. Happy boom dush 20 (roman candle)

8. Happy boom dush 30 (roman candle )

9. Happy boom 10 shoots (roman candle)

10. Happy boom 8 shoots roman candle (new)

11. Happy boom sun sparkles

12. Happy boom colour sun sparkle (18 inci besi)

13. Happy boom fountain

14. Happy boom 10 inci ice cream (fountain)

15. Happy boom 15 inci ice cream (fountain)

16. Happy boom 13 inci conic (fountain)

17. Happy boom mini ice cream (fountain)

18. Happy boom peacock fountain

19. Happy boom happines fountain

20. Happy boom ground boom flower

21. Happy boom camelia flower

22. Happy boom firework

23. Happy boom pili cracker

24. Happy boom pili cracker 3 minutes

25. Happy boom moon (rockets)

26. Happy boom thunder clap (rockets)

27. Happy boom top gun (UFO)

28. happy boom top gun

29. Happy boom sky dragon (new)

30. Happy boom 14 inci besi

31. Happy boom bee

32. Happy boom mancis

33. Happy boom cili padi

34. Happy boom party pooper

35. Happy boom banana kecil

36. Happy boom banana hujan

Prohibited to sell: 

1. Happy boom red cracker (8 inci)

2. Happy boom red cracker (cake)

3. Happy boom celebration red fire cracker

4. Happy boom assorted celebration cake repeater (1 inci 49 shot)

5. Happy boom assorted celebration cake repeater (1.5 inci 138 shot)

6. Happy boom shoot cake (1 inci 16 shot)

7. Happy boom shoot cake (1 inci 25 shot)

8. Happy boom shoot cake (1 inci 36 shot)

9. Happy boom tikus 50 (50 missile)

The stern prohibition on online firework sales is grounded in legal consequences, particularly under Section 8 of the Explosives Substances Act 1957 (Act 207), as emphasized by Alzafny Ahmad in the official statement. Firework vendors are urged to strictly adhere to specified conditions, including maintaining a certified safe location endorsed by the PDRM's armory section.

Among the outlined conditions, traders are required to possess a non-transferable license, with only the designated license owner permitted to sell fireworks. Additionally, each sales license is limited to one applicant at a specific location, and the sale of fireworks to individuals below 18 years old is strictly prohibited.

The public is strongly advised against engaging in firework activities after midnight, as it poses potential disturbances and risks to public safety. Non-compliance with this directive may lead to legal actions under Section 13 of the Minor Offenses Act 1955 (Act 336) or Section 7 of the Explosives Substances Act 1957.

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Source: Harian Metro

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