What Horoscopes Look for in a Partner



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What Horoscopes Look for in a Partner

By ellephant

Crushing on someone and wondering how to get their attention? 

How about the traits they find most attractive? Here are important ones based on their horoscopes. 



Confidence & Assertiveness. People of this horoscope loves someone who goes after what they want, and are bold in their approaches. A person with high self-esteem is definitely a turn on to Capricorns. 



Knowledge & Class. This group of people are particularly attracted to someone's personality. They do not care too much for looks, but rather finds sex appeal in a person's mind, thoughts, opinions and interests. 



Loyalty & Intimacy. Pisces are people who very much value loyalty. They are deep lovers who often go out into the world, in search of soulmates. They are shy, and appreciative of those who take the lead in relationships. 



Sensuality & Personal Identity. An Aries places great importance on how they are viewed by others. They seek their personal identity through their partners. To turn an Aries on, you need to master the art of sensuality. They adore someone who sees the value in getting down and dirty.  



Independence & Security. People with this horoscope are attracted to those who exuberate independence. To be able to stand on one's own feet through different areas of life, is what a Taurus finds appealing. They also like someone who constantly makes them feel secure in their relationships. 



Honesty & Fun. A wild, playful horoscope by nature, Geminis like it when you can let loose and just have fun. They are free-spirited, but also very much value important and honest conversations. If you can do both, then dating a Gemini would be an exhilarating walk in the park.



Patience & Trust. Cancers appreciate it when a significant other trusts him/her. One who is able to trust a Cancer without built-up walls, will be sure to have their heart. Besides that, they are also a rather patient horoscope, and cherish others who give off the same vibe. 



Space & Physical Affection. Leos love language is physical touch. Cuddles, hugs, just any skin-on-skin contact are attributes they look for in relationships. However, they are also independent individuals who need their space to grow, and achieve whatever it is they put their heart to. They dislike being held back. 



Care & One who is Organized. Virgos are an organized bunch of people. They are attracted to those who make sure everything is in order, as they pride themselves in that very quality. They also care immensely for others, it is out of this world.  



Outgoing & Put-together. Libras are people who are the life of the party. Fun individuals who have a zest for life, they enjoy the companies of those who are like that as well. Their biggest turn on is finding someone who has it all figured out. A person who just knows what they're doing and where they're going, does it for them. 



Commitment & Depth. Those of this horoscope take their romantic relationships very seriously. Having someone who is committed to them is their biggest flex. They do not stand for games one bit. Besides that, they also crave for a person they can connect with, on a much deeper level. 



Understanding & Balance. This is a group who takes time before understanding what it is they want, or need. Due to that, they are very much attracted to people who are able to understand them, even when they cannot understand themselves. They need their space, so a good balance in relationships is also what they seek. 

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