10 Lines To Help If You Have Anxiety | Self Affirmation Can Work Wonders



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10 Lines To Help If You Have Anxiety | Self Affirmation Can Work Wonders

By ellephant

Mental health is a topic not addressed enough. 

In today's day and age, so many young to old suffer from some of the most common mental health problems like depression and anxiety. 

We came across some self-affirming advice to tell oneself, especially for those who are constantly anxious. 

Check them out down below. 


1. Your anxiety will tell you worst case scenario, it's a damned LIAR

2. Things may seem hopeless right now, but it WILL change

3. Everything will be okay, you CAN do this

4. Stop stressing out, take a DEEP breath

5. Remind yourself of everything you have ALREADY overcome


6. Focus on what you CAN control, all the possibilities and not the problems

7. Overthinking is NOT gonna make anything better

8. Whatever you're facing right now, is making you STRONGER than you can imagine

9. Fill your mind and heart with things that make you HAPPY

10. It's OKAY to ask for help, you're not alone

Remember these things on days you're feeling a little bit more on edge than usual. We can promise it'd treat your anxiety, but we do promise that it'd help, one way or another. 


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