【3C Technology】【Challenge now】 10 Must-Try Instagram Filters And Games To Keep You And Your Friends Busy
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【Challenge now】 10 Must-Try Instagram Filters And Games To Keep You And Your Friends Busy


Not knowing what to do with your endless free time? Tired of the Eat -Sleep- Work-Repeat cycle that you're stuck in?

Here's a list of Instagram filters I've gathered that you should try to beat the boredom.

1. Gesture Challenge by @i.m.noel


The challenge is also called Emoji Hand Challenge. Sounds simple? I dare you to try it!

Challenger has to replicate the hand emojis sequence and challenge by doing the right moves in time to the beat. This filter is so exciting and some of the celebrities have to join in on the trend, from Brie Larson, Sam Smith, Sophie Turner to Joe Jonas.


2. 两盒 THX by @tedzted 


There are few challenges in this filter- random K-singing & Cantonese tongue twister.

For the Cantonese tongue twister, it has started taking over Instagram. "两盒 THX " filter works by showing you a random Cantonese tongue twister and you have to read it really fast in the shortest time. It's super challenging & hilarious even though you and I can speak Canto!

Share it with your friends that can't speak canto to challenge them now~ 



3. Drawin5Second by @chmnda


" Drawin5Second " filter is a drawing game, but instead of using hand, you have to draw using your nose.

A random item card will be showed and you have to draw using your nose in 5 seconds. Of course, the items on the cue card are always hilarious and it is impossible to draw it in 5 seconds.


4. Who is more___? by @vamonke


"Who is More_? ” filter is an interactive filter that each person will get random questions, and you and your partner have to tilt your head and point to the person that fits the description better.

For example, Who's more gangster,  Who would die first in a deserted island? Who's more likely to rob a bank etc. If both of you tilt in the same direction, you get a point, else you will get a red X.  There's no right or wrong answer, the final score will be counted based on the check you get after a few sets of questions.


This filter is suitable to try it out with your partner, siblings or even BFF, it's time to test your relationship. Make sure you and your partner won't fight because of the contradict answer ya.

In case you are all alone, you could try to play it in this way... LOL 


5.  Paca paca by @yana.mishkinis

" Paca paca " filter works like the normal classic Pac-Man, but this time, you will have to move the character with your head movements.  The goal of the game is to eat as many yellow dots as possible, at the same time, avoid the ghosts from touching you.

There is a bonus in each of the four corners of the map- a snowman, a tangerine, strawberries, etc, each with a superpower skill.

6.Dim Sum Chomp @at.augmented


Craving for Dimsum at this time? Try this "Dim Sum Chomp " filter to fix your Dimsum craving.

It's a very cute game where you have to "eat" the dropping Dimsum, the cute part of the game is your face will expand when you "eat" too many dim sums. Three will be three dim sum icons at the side of the screen which represents your game “lives”.


7.Finish The Lyrics by @wowfilterscom


Random song lyric will be showed and you have to fill continue the song and finish the lyrics.

That's so simple and it's definitely the game for karaoke lover.

8.  6 SECONDS by @yana.mishkinis 


"6SECONDS " filter is a short and exciting game where you have to count the seconds in your hand, and aim to blink and stop at exactly 6 seconds.  This game is much speedier and you can challenge this anywhere anytime! Battle with your family and friends and see who's the best in counting seconds. 

9. Faceout Game by @dannyfrenzreb 


A classic game where you have to move your head and destroy all the blocks as fast as possible, just like the old arcade game.

Challenge your friends now and see who can smash the bricks in the shortest time!

10. Template by @leahferezan


Don't like games? No problem, I got your back~  Just challenge your friends with this templates question and answer.  And the sharing actually the best way to engage and interact with your friends, let your friends get to know more about you.

There are lots of nice and eye-catching templates to choose from - This or That template, My Fav Things template, If you could template, About Me template and many more. Just tag someone and ask them to complete the Q&A~ 


So these are my list of Instagram filters, share with your friends now to kill the boredom! 

Have fun!

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