Shanghai’s Floating Giant QR Code, MySejahtera Take Note Please!



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Shanghai’s Floating Giant QR Code, MySejahtera Take Note Please!

By m7py

Early this week, Shanghai was caught all over international news, thanks to a mysterious, giant QR code floating in the air!

On Saturday, a video streaming app, Bilibili took its advertising game to the night sky, above the Bund, the city's renowned waterfront promenade.  
Source: Twitter

The QR code was part of a 2-minute light show, in celebration of the 1st anniversary of the China release of a RPG game, Princess Connect! Re:Dive. 
The popular Chinese site put 1,500 computer-controlled drones to work, in order to create the illuminated image! 

When scanned, users are led to game's homepage, where anyone can download the title & its one-year anniversary package.  
 Source: Twitter

Before forming the code, the drone manifested the game logo, its characters, plus a 'Happy Birthday' message. 
Watch the video below. 

Source: Instagram

Following this elaborate stunt, there's been a bunch of mixed response from the people. While most was awe-strucked, some called it a form of light pollution.
 A few compared it to the 2017 sci-fi film, Blade Runner 2049, in which consumerism is "thick in the air"(pun intended!)

However, this ain't the first time Bilibili attempted such marketing tactic for the Japanese-based game. Last summer, a massive QR code was plastered on one side of its company building in Shanghai for the game's launch.  
 Source: Sup China

Anyway, we, Malaysians know very well of our daily struggle to scan the MySejahtera codes whenever we're in a public space. So, a giant floating QR code, perhaps? 

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