Official SOPs For Clubbing Is Out, Dancing Is Allowed After All?



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Official SOPs For Clubbing Is Out, Dancing Is Allowed After All?

1 Week ago

Amidst statements that despite the re-opening of nightclubs dancing will still be prohibited in those vicinities, the National Security Councill has eventually announced the official SOPs for partygoers and there appears to bear good news.  

It seems that dancing will be allowed on the dancefloor, after all. The wearing of face masks will still be required at all times except when dancing or eating. However, one extra procedure that partygoers will need to adhere to is the COVID-19 self-test requirement which should only be conducted under the surveillance of a registered medical practitioner and will be allowed entry once they test negative 24 hours before attending a club. Under these new SOPs, premise owners will also be allowed to conduct a COVID-19 self-test on visitors. 

As for MySejahtera status, only those categorized as ”low risk“ will be granted entry to these premises, and that applies to both visitors and employees. Lastly, matters of good air ventilation and well-maintained indoor air quality to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

What do you think of the new clubbing SOPs? Share your thoughts in the comment section! 


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